More About our Technology Services

Delivering complex solutions and establishing new ways of working are common challenges in most large enterprises

Our managerial, technical and thought leaders will help your technical teams generate consistently higher rates of change to support the business and drive technical innovation that will enable further digital innovations. We will partner with you to explore all aspects of technical change, accelerate adoption and demonstrate return on investment.

Our quality and leadership focused technology services will drive success. Here are some examples:

Quality Assurance

Shift Left provides a long term QA managed service for one of the largest retailers in the UK. This team is responsible for quality governance and guided continual improvement across all areas of the IT estate. The QA team is also driving the move towards Agile, CI/CD and DevOps.

Quality Management
Shift Left successfully provided the quality and test management for a complete replacement of a workforce management solution that has more than 50 interfaces to other business critical solutions. This included all of the test environment and test data management tasks for the project.

Quality Engineering and Quality Automation
Shift Left has embedded resources in a long term managed service for a large client with a very complex IT estate to work on all aspects of quality engineering including performance, process automation, technical debt management, coding standards, test automation, TDD, BDD and code coverage. This is now delivering significant improvements in speed to value and reliability in production. 
Our award winning head of automation has developed an array of automation solutions some of which are able to execute more than 1,000 tests per minute. These solutions are enabling our clients to move faster with more confidence.

Quality Partnering

Shift Left is a quality partner to the majority of our clients which means we provide a flexible, demand-based scalable service which adapts to the changing business needs. Our standard-flex, pure-flex and hyper-flex solutions all allow for changes in resource numbers and types. Our hyper-flex managed services allow for near instant change and for the costs to be allocated back to the value streams that are using the service.

ITSM - IT Service Management, ITAM - IT Asset Management
Shift Left provides a multi-year managed service for service architecture, service management and service transition for a large international client that is moving from waterfall delivery to more Agile ways of working. We are also improving processes and configuring tools to improve CMDB, data, licencing audits and application to server mapping.

Cloud Acceleration
Shift Left provides clients with services targeted at accelerating Cloud adoption and enabling true Cloud native applications to take full advantage of Cloud and a DevOps approach.

Project Management
Shift Left provides project management services for a wide range of clients. Our project managers do not focus on just time and cost as they are fully aware of the impacts of poor quality on business outcomes.

Pipeline Improvement

Our ever-growing team has a diverse range of skills and is well equipped to take on any challenge. We have worked with the widest range of technologies in an array of lifecycles and ways of working. We are presently augmenting many pipelines with high throughput test automation and infrastructure as code.