5. Jeanette Wray

Jeanette is a technical IT Professional with more than 30 years varied IT experience, such as Product Owner, Release Management, Technical Environment Management, Data Obfuscation, Code Quality Audits, Escrow, Open Source IP Audits, RPG, RPG ILE and Control Language (CLP) application developer. 

Jeanette entered the Shift Left Hall of Fame in October 2021 with the following citation:

"Jeanette is always ok when she is out of her depth – quality assurance (radically enhances the process!), test data virtualisation (delivers Delphix project!), release management (becomes expert!) – did I mention she does testing too? Jeanette is an all round master when it comes to jumping into IT at the deep end."

The Shift Left Hall of Fame is a place where we pay tribute to consultants who have made an extraordinary contribution to Shift Left Group - thank you all!

Shift Left Hall of Fame

6. Simon Norris

Simon is a very experienced IT professional with 18 years of test management. He is highly skilled in all areas of automation and performance testing and has successfully managed teams of between 5 and 25 people delivering into a wide range of time and budget critical projects for large customers.

Simon joined the Shift Left Hall of Fame in January 2022 with the following citation:

"Simon is a technical wizard. He has built on his performance testing experience to radically improve the CI/CD pipelines at a large and complex global business. He is seen as an essential part of the client’s team and has had numerous long-term contract renewals. Thank you for bringing all of your technical expertise to bear Simon, well done and welcome to the Hall of Fame."

7. Adam Waters

Adam is an experienced ISTQB Certified Test Manager who is extremely motivated with a passion to achieve high standards and deliver projects. Adam has the ability to lead teams of different backgrounds and abilities, both onshore and offshore, combining technical, testing and management experience.

Adam joined the Shift Left Hall of Fame in May 2022 with the following citation:

"Since joining Shift Left in January 2017 Adam has worked at three different clients, providing test and QA management and expertise.  He left us for a year but realised the grass wasn’t greener away from Shift Left, so came back.  Adam has had great feedback from all of the clients he has worked for and continues to deliver a great service to our clients.  Also, if you want BBQ advice, he’s your man. "

3. Darren Elliott

Darren is a very experienced ISTQB certified Test Manager with 20 years’ experience within the IT industry. He has significant experience in the Retail, Telecoms, Utilities, Public Sector, Manufacturing and Logistics industries and has worked on a wide range of projects and programmes. Working with cross functional teams across business and IT for bespoke in-house developments to external third-party implementations.

Darren entered the Shift Left Hall of Fame in April 2021 with the following citation:

"Darren is the most positive person in the work place and that coupled with his world class delivery and excellent stakeholder skills makes him a very valuable test manager. Darren has worked with Shift Left for just under 5 years. During that time he has worked with 4 retail clients and one utility client. The clients all love working with Darren and so does Shift Left."

4. Steve Hutchinson

Steve has extensive experience in Project, Delivery and Transition Management, delivering significant change projects across business and technology areas within companies who are market leaders within their respective fields. Steve’s experience has been gained by delivering or managing the transition of highly visible and successful multi and cross stream projects within the Financial Services, Government, Technology, Legal, Media, Telecoms, Logistics and Retail.

Steve entered the Shift Left Hall of Fame in July 2021 with the following citation:

"The story of service transition as a revenue stream within Shift Left started with Steve Hutchinson. He has worked at two of our most important clients and has instilled rigour and discipline to several aspects of their approaches to Service Management. Thank you for helping in our journey to overall quality!"

1. Wilson Wray

Wilson is a highly motivated and dedicated test manager who is able to engage with senior stakeholders, programme & delivery management and both internal and external third-party test teams. He has excellent communication and presentation skills, is adaptable and has the ability to integrate and bring value to a programme very quickly.

Wilson entered the Shift Left Hall of Fame in October 2020 with the following citation:

"Wilson started working with Shift Left in December 2015 and has done so ever since. During that time, he has successfully delivered for six different clients and built many enduring relationships. It is impossible for anyone to put in a bigger shift during such a critical phase for Shift Left – thank you Wilson and congratulations on being the first into our Hall of Fame!"

2. Paul Elliott

Paul is an experienced Test Manager  and Quality Assurance professional with over 20 years experience in Software Testing. He has strong communication skills that help him operate across cultural boundaries to ensure delivery of successful onshore-offshore engagement models. He has excellent stakeholder management skills and extensive experience in retail, logistics and utilities.

Paul entered the Shift Left Hall of Fame in December 2020 with the following citation:

"Paul embodies the pro-active attitude that our clients appreciate. He has worked at four different clients since joining Shift Left early in 2016, providing test management and quality assurance expertise. In particular, he helped manage a QA managed service through a difficult COVID-19 period. Thank you for everything you have done and welcome to the hall of fame!"