Creating ideas and driving cultural and process change to create an impact can be a challenging journey for your business

Our senior experts will help your business with the ever increasing rate of change that is required to stay relevant in the digital age. We will partner with you to explore all aspects of business change, accelerate adoption and demonstrate return on investment.

Our client centric services will benefit your top line growth, bottom line performance and risk management. Here are some examples:

RFP Management

Shift Left managed the entire RFP process for a multi-national law firm from requirements to contract reward. This resulted in a smooth and efficient process that was praised by the client and the bidding vendors as being logical, transparent and fair.

Contract Review​​​

Shift Left has reviewed multiple contracts between a large European retailer and their third party suppliers. Our advice has been responsible for direct savings and significant reductions in risk exposure.

Technical Due Diligence​​​
Shift Left has carried out a technical due diligence for funding events for both small and large organisations. Our pro-active guidance has allowed many organisations to determine sensible next steps so that risk is mitigated and funding is made available. 


Shift Left has facilitated a series of alignment and innovation workshops for one of the world's largest logistics companies. These offsite or remote sessions have seen diverse teams from around the globe coming together to identify challenges, generate solutions, prioritise, generate tactical action plans and strategic road maps that are creating real value.

Shift Left has ensured compliance across the business for a wide range of clients for SOx, PCI DSS, UK tax legislation, licencing and security standards that is protecting brands and avoiding additional costs. 

Shift Left helped a large utility company develop a digital transformation strategy that is using the internet of things to improve operations, business intelligence, preventative maintenance and extreme event responses.

Change Implementation

Shift Left was instrumental in driving the way in which a large fashion retailer implemented change across all aspects of cultural alignment, new business processes and IT support.

Robot Process Automation
Shift Left is leveraging our automation skills developed in the testing and DevOps worlds to automate business processes for our clients. We use a range of tools and as always we focus on building quality solutions.

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