More About Shift Left Group

Shift Left Group was founded with the mission of making business and technology better by moving quality earlier and throughout lifecycles of change

Shift Left was started in 2015 due to the need to address the fact that quality was seen by many as barrier to getting to market. This is not true as quality is an enabler of large volumes of high speed change. It is much easier to design and build quality in from the outset than to attempt to retro-fit quality at a later date. Initially our journey started in the IT space but it rapidly became apparent that we needed to be involved in the business arena too.

We focus on our core values and tailor our services to meet your needs. Our core values are about being:


We will always look for the positive in any situation and aim for success. We will assume positive intent in communication from all of our clients, employees and associates.

We will always look for effective risk mitigations and not just wait for issues to arise. In addition, where we can see that improvements or innovation will improve a process or deliverable, we will collaborate with our clients to add value.

We will honour our commitments, communicate effectively, respond to feedback in a timely manner, give respect to all people and endeavour to exceed expectations.

We will always aim to be able to look our clients, employees and associates squarely in the eye by avoiding profiteering


We embrace diversity in all guises and are working towards a more sustainable future. We will also support any employee or associate with volunteering or charitable work.

If you would like to know more about some of our people - please look in the Shift Left Hall of Fame or contact us for more information.